Hell in Hamburg


The beautiful Hanseatic city of Hamburg resembles a scene from the Kosovo conflict as leftists continue to wreak havoc in Hamburg, Germany. German police are incapable of controlling the city as 20,000 officers have have been assigned to the G20 security detail. Leftists have taken advantage of police preoccupation by plunging the city into chaos, violent mobs roam the streets attacking businesses and setting random vehicles on fire. A police helicopter has reportedly been shot at by leftists with flare guns and one police officer has been seriously injured by a leftist who smashed an iron bar through his helmet—more than 200 police officers have been injured thus far. An inside source assigned to the G20 security detail reported that leftist protesters were caught stockpiling large quantities of an industrial chemical that they had planned to throw on police officers and then light with flare guns. The police also discovered heavy-duty slingshots and large ball bearings, which can seriously injure or kill an officer with a blow to the head. 


A statement from the Internal Police revealed that German authorities were unprepared for the the unprecedented scale of violent leftists, requests have since been sent out to other federal authorities for assistance.


Police Director “Michel” calls for all available units of neighboring federal states to reinforce officers in Hamburg, stating that the situation poses a risk of injury or loss of life. Photo Source: Private screen shot/N24.

The leftists are a mixture of environmentalists, social justice activists, and Marxists—all of which who have merged into a “Black bloc.” A tactic in which protesters dress in black, conceal their faces, and wreak havoc in mobs. This makes it difficult to properly identify, arrest, and prosecute the cowardly leftists. 

Germans are bracing for Saturday, when the number of protesters is expect to be at its highest number. There has been widespread condemnation of the leftist mobs throughout Germany, as simply walking down the street becomes increasingly dangerous.

UPDATE: The officer mentioned earlier who was struck in the head with an iron bar is in critical condition and may not survive.

UPDATE: German media outlet N24 has since begun taking down some articles that paint leftist protesters as violent. The comment sections in their articles are blowing up with outrage against the outlet’s bias.

UPDATE: Number of police officers wounded is estimated to be over 200.


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